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Dave's Blog



I saw an article the other day where Clemson University researchers are asking for the help of families in the Upstate to count how many fireflies they see on a nightly basis so they can determine whether or not their numbers are dwindling.    They are.      Reading that article made me realize that I hadn't seen a firefly (I used to call them lightning bugs) in at least a couple of decades.    I don't know if it's because of the region I live in or because they ARE dying out.      Either way, it's sad.    The thought of catching lightning bugs with my bare hands and watching them glow inside my hands cupped together or just letting them crawl on my arms until they decided to fly away brings back such fond memories of a much simpler time.     The act of trying to track a bug that's only visible for a half-second before they go stealth for a few more seconds.      Telling my mom and dad, "there's one...there's another one...." all night long.    The fact they they might be going away disturbs me...not only because it kills a cherished memory, but because too much of our youth has disappeared over the decades...and not just because I'm getting wrinkles and losing hair.    

A woman in North Augusta was arrested last week because she left her 9 year old girl at a nearby park for the day while she went to work at her fast-food job.    She faces a maximum of 10 years for child neglect.     2 we have a woman trying to make an honest living by working a minimum wage job, rather than sitting at home collecting a government check, and she faces a felony charge for her desires to advance herself.     But (more germane to this discussion) when I was 9, I was staying out until well after dark with my friends, riding across town on my bike, going to and from school by myself.       My parents would have been locked up for years for things they allowed me to do then.   But then again, if you google the words "9 year old" and "playground" the first artlce you come to is about the boy in Michigan who was stabbed by the 12-year old.     Not something I worried about growing up in Wood River, Illinois.     I read another article that asked if the reason so many parents are getting in trouble these days is simply because they're doing the things are parents did when we were kids, but didn't have to worry about DSS looking over their shoulder for child neglect charges.

Was it better living in a simpler time when were were able to fend for ourselves...or is it better than we have stronger laws looking out for kids these days?     Stronger laws are nice, but they were only made necessary because our society isn't as safe it used to be.    It's ironic...crime stats show that violent crimes have declined steadily since the late 1800s...but for some reason our neighborhoods seem much less safe than they were even a few years ago.     We're living longer than ever before, but in this world, do you want to?


Liz's Blog


This Memorial Day has been quite memorable for Americans... And not for the right reasons. Locally, The Atlantic Beach Bike Week has been overshadowed with shooting deaths and injured victims for two nights in a row. Three people dead. Many fighting for their lives. 

I considered going out late Friday night to see what this bike week was all about so I can talk about it on Tuesday morning's show but someone talked me out of it. The next morning, I was so glad I didn't go.... Only to wake up this morning to hear about more violence. It seemed like Myrtle Beach was under siege. I feel terrible for the unsuspecting families that came to the family beach only to be hunkered down in their hotel rooms. One family tried to get a refund when they decided to move hotels but they were denied. 

Why did this happen? 

Too afraid to enforce laws out of fear of backlash from the NAACP?

Too afraid to lose tourism funds?

Too chicken to impose a curfew?

Too cheap to hire seasonal police force to bolster security during the swell of tourism traffic?

Too afraid to be labeled a racist to comment on any aspect of this bike rally?

These were all the reasons I read from citizens all around social media. 

But are those the right questions?

What politicians do you want to hear from? What questions do you want answered? What do you think should be done? Can this topic be discussed without racial overtones? Is this more about some young people with no morals.... Just like spring break violence, rape and drunkeness... Which involved many young, white people. 

I heard that spring break revelers were run out of town... So were the Harley bikers. I thought Myrtle Beach was not in the bike rally business anymore? What happened?

Is this the worst bike rally ever? Was it unusual or was it expected? 

Some people posted pictures this weekend of half-naked black women twerking around the streets but there are half-naked white women and profession strippers doing similar things during the Harley bike rally. I know. I saw it. They do it to win contests or for tips. So that's not a race thing. 

We have experienced plenty of violence in this area... Sometimes resulting in death by gun, knife, hammer, etc. I know. I write up the news every morning. Some of the perps are black, some are white. Some of the victims are white, some are black... Some men, some women. So, that doesn't seem like a race thing either. 

There are women and some men victims of domestic violence during these events.... But that happens all year long, all over the state, black, white... Whatever. South Carolina didn't end up with the #1 ranking in the nation for deaths of women by men due to one race. 

This is a systemic problem not because of race but because of the lack of moral LEARNING! I would say teaching but there's no lack of teaching. There are plenty of religious establishments on every corner. 

Where does moral learning begin? In the home. It is a family's responsibility to raise productive, moral people.... Not the school's .... not the government's .... Not the police's ... Not the court's responsibility. 

Every person on this planet has parents however, there's certainly a lack of parenting on this earth. 

There are too many parents and kids that don't have God in their lives. It's the lack of God in their lives that allows people to wander down a road of sin, depression, negative attitude ...despair and finally violence. 

I know God is the answer but people would rather condemn a race, a mayor and a police chief, instead. If you do, you are sooooo misguided. There should be a peace movement in Myrtle Beach today. 

Instead of hunkering down, we should come out of hiding and take over myrtle beach in our Sunday Best to claim back Memorial Day for the reason it was created... To honor those who laid down their lives and limbs for the rest of us during times of war!!!!! But, no, we are having our own street wars... Gang violence... Drug wars.... Pimp wars....

This is my first Memorial Day here. I spent 2 hours on Friday with the parade's grand marshal, Montel Williams. I was horrified and embarrassed for our community to see him come down ocean blvd to a single sporadic row of citizens!!! I thought y'all loved your veterans and your community? What a joke. It was shameful. And the parade itself? Pitiful at best. What a poor turnout in floats and spectators. Why even bother?

Oh yeah. I'm outraged that many ignorant people have taken to social media to divide this community with racial slurs and finger pointing. Where is God at work in your life????

Remember, for every finger you point, there are three pointed back at you! 

Look in the mirror. Change starts with you.


It has come to my attention that my post may have offended some event and city planners. However my intentions were quite the opposite… I championed the efforts by city and local event planners to create such a wonderful event for our veterans and citizens. I was saddened to see the low turnout. It showed a lack of community support. Was it because the bike rally was in town? If so, why would citizens handover their city to the rally revelers? Peaceful citizens should come in droves to reclaim their city for this special weekend. The parade should be the center stage and our veterans the stars!



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