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Dave's Blog



About a year and a half ago, I was asked on The Morning Show, which of the following would be the first to be legalized in South Carolina: gambling, recreational marijuana or same-sex marriage.     Now, all 3 have staunch opposition in the state because they’re all viewed to be immoral or sinful, but I took a stab at it.

I said gambling would probably be first to be legalized since so many states already allow it…we already have a lottery (which is gambling)…we like bingo (which is gambling)….we allow raffles (which is gambling)….and who doesn’t put a few bucks on golf, football or the NCAA office pool.

Then I thought marijuana would be next.    Polls show nationwide that recreational use is accepted by more than 50% of the population….it’s natural…and most of the people who are usually against such changes grew up in the 60s and 70s and probably smoked themselves, or knew dozens of people who did.

Then I thought the last thing of the 3 choices ever to be allowed in South Carolina would be same-sex marriage.    Why?    Because, South Carolina, that’s why.     But even then, I knew that SC would allow it only under protest, kicking and screaming all the way.

Granted, when I made these predictions, I thought if any would become a reality, it would be in some distant future reality and I’d probably be long gone anyway.     Also, I neglected to take into account a little thing called the Constitution.     I was thinking purely along the lines of what the residents of the state would allow.      So, now the Circuit Court of Appeals that controls SC has ruled that the state law that makes same-sex marriage against the law is unconstitutional...essentially making such unions legal in SC.      Cue the kicking and screaming.    The Attorney General and the Governor have both said that they don’t care what the ruling is, they will continue to fight until someone else tells them the same thing…which they’ll continue to fight some more.      It kind of reminds me of an episode of Gilligan’s Island.    A Japanese submarine wandered into the lagoon and the sailor inside started kidnapping the castaways, one by one, because even though it was the late 60s, he still thought WW2 was still going on.   He never got word that it was over.  

The war against same-sex marriage is essentially over, but some people still want to fight the fight against it.     Is it for political reasons?   Pretty much.    They want to show their constituents that they fought against same-sex marriage to the bitter end and will only give up the fight when they’re forced to.     Kinda like George Wallace on the college steps fighting segregation.     The bottom line of all this is that it IS a constitutional question.     So for everyone who likes to call me about rights being trampled and that the current president doesn’t respect the Constitution, keep in mind that the document is supposed to cover all Americans…not just the ones you agree with.   

Oh, and in case you missed that episode, Gilligan rescued everyone and the Japanese sailor left the island, leaving the castaways stranded.    Sorry for the spoiler…..

Liz's Blog


I will always acknowledge this day... September 11th... I will never, ever forget.

But, I find it hard to emotionally go back there so I avoid memorial services.  It's not because I don't want to go... it's just because it's too emotional and too raw to go back to the terror I felt that day and for months afterwards.

My family was directly affected by the events and aftermath of that fateful day ... but, thank God, we did not lose any personal family members.

But, still... living in New York those days... was a very dark time.

As we head back into war action against these terrorists again, I just hope and pray that we don't lose any military service men and women.  I know in my heart how necessarry it is that we stomp out and eliminate ISIS, Al Qaeda, whatever... but I always think about the spouses, children and parents of the military and how they must feel when they give their loved one that last kiss and hug before they march off to war torn lands far away.  

I pray for a quick, successful mission on this Patriot Day... and no matter what's going on or not going on in Washington, D.C., I am still a very proud American. 

This country is the most amazing country on the planet and we must lead the world in achieving justice and peace.  We may get it wrong sometimes or maybe it gets messy, but I want to believe that keeping Americans and our interests safe is in the hearts of our military generals and Commander in Chief.  

God Bless America.


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